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Children's Book Writers
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SCBWI’s Whistleblower Policy is intended to encourage SCBWI’s directors, officers, employees, members and volunteers to report suspected or actual occurrences of illegal, unethical or inappropriate acts, behaviors or practices without fear of retribution or retaliation. Reporting violations allows SCBWI to address inappropriate conduct and actions.

SCBWI’s directors, officers, employees, members and volunteers are expected to report violations of: (a) SCBWI’s Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion Principles and Initiatives; (b) SCBWI’s Anti-Harassment Policy, which is designed to create an environment free of unlawful harassment and discrimination and prohibits sexual harassment, discrimination, and all other forms of harassment; (c) SCBWI’s Anti- Discrimination Policy, which is designed to ensure that everyone receives equal treatment regardless of race, sex, age, disability, family status, sexual preference, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, national origin, socio-economic status, age, caste, physical or mental disability, medical condition, religion, veteran status, or ancestry; and (d) suspected violations of law.
SCBWI Members should promptly report any violation or act to the Member’s Regional Advisor. If the Whistleblower would be uncomfortable or otherwise reluctant to report to the Whistleblower’s Regional Advisor, then the Whistleblower should report the event to an SCBWI officer or director or directly through the SCBWI’s anti-harassment report form, which may also be used, for both harassment violations as well as violations other than harassment. The form can be found at: The prompt reporting of complaints is critical, so SCBWI can respond and take appropriate remedial action.
There will be no retaliation by SCBWI against any individual who reports a violation, act harassment or discrimination in good faith, and anyone who retaliates against the Whistleblower for reporting a violation or act in good faith may be subject to discipline.
The Whistleblower can report any violation anonymously and violations or suspected violations may be submitted on a confidential basis by the Whistleblower. In such a case, the identity of the Whistleblower, if known, shall remain confidential to those persons directly involved in applying this policy to the extent feasible in conducting the investigation. Reports of violations or suspected violations will be kept confidential to the extent possible, consistent with the need to conduct an adequate investigation; provided, however, SCBWI and its officers, directors, employees, members and volunteers do remain subject to all laws, court orders, subpoenas and civil discovery.
SCBWI shall investigate any report of a violation. If the investigation of the report is not satisfactory to the Whistleblower, the Whistleblower has the right to report the event to the appropriate legal or investigative agency or other authority.