Society of
Children's Book Writers
and Illustrators

Volunteer Positions

Regional Team

These positions involve running the region – coordinating volunteers, local event planning, reporting to the main office about the region’s events and finances, assisting at national conference when required, helping RT members in other regions and providing member opportunities for career and craft enhancement by organizing various writing events and programs. Filling these positions requires approval from the main office.

Co-Regional Advisors – Sally Jones Rogan & Nutschell Anne Windsor

Assistant Regional Advisor – Kim Wildman

Illustrator Coordinator – Lisze Bechtold

Board Members

These positions include meeting once or twice a year to discuss the region’s event planning. Specific duties depend on the position.

PAL Liaison – Robert Mellette

Mingle-Meister – Jennifer S. Pitts

Contest Coordinator – Brenda Scott Royce

Social Media Coordinator – Jean Lizotte Grabow

Small Events Coordinator – Daka Hermon

Webmaster – Jill Tuckman

Regional Advisor Emeritus – Judith Ross Enderle, Stephanie Jacob Gordon, Marilyn Morton, Claudia Harrington & Edie Pagliasotti

Kite Tales

These positions are responsible for the publication of our quarterly Tri-Regional Blog. Specific duties depend on the position.

Kite Tales Editor – Farrha Khan (also a Board position)

Kite Tales Assistant Editor – Jessica Chrysler

Kite Tales Proofreader – Noel Csermak

LitMingle Coordinators

These positions involve starting (or taking over) a LitMingle. We’re always looking for more LitMingle Coordinators. Contact Mingle-Meister Jennifer S. Pitts for information.

Current Open Volunteer Positions

Please download and fill out the volunteer form if you would like to apply for any of the following positions, then email the completed form to

Sketch Crawl Host – Find a location(s) that fits the theme of a sketch crawl. Choose a date. Advertise the event (we help with that.) This event is for both Illustrators and Writers – Writers can sketch the scene in words. Have fun. We’re always looking for sketch crawl hosts.