Society of
Children's Book Writers
and Illustrators

Mentorship Contest Winners: 2015

Matthew Rivera

First-place prize winner of a six-month mentorship
with PAL member Deborah Nourse Lattimore

Matthew’s work is very lively, colorful and his treatment of space, light sources, and focus on the main characters got Lattimore’s attention quickly. He loves animals of all sorts, including fantasy/magical types and it’s easy to see that he loves artists such as Syd Hoff, David Kirk and more.

Lori Ann Levy-Holm

Honorable mention

Lori Ann’s work is deeply lush and realistically developed in a way that reminds Lattimore of Lisbeth Zwerger. Lori Ann’s story ideas about a particular topic – a girl with an important school-related problem – are timely.

A Message to All Who Entered
from Deborah Nourse Lattimore:

“It was not easy to choose a single artist to mentor because I found something good, creative and full of potential in every portfolio. I congratulate all the artists for having sent their work out to this competition. It’s that kind of willingness to ‘expose’ one’s work that leads to being published.”