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About SCBWI-Los Angeles

The SCBWI-Los Angeles chapter is proud to represent the birth place of SCBWI. Many generous, talented and visionary individuals in the field of children’s literature, education and entertainment, have resided within its boundaries over the years, and many more such individuals are still to come.

The chapter was sculpted and expanded through the amazing efforts of two women, Judy Ross Enderle and Stephanie Jacob Gordon, and the exceptional local volunteers who joined them. Each set of regional advisors who have followed in Judy and Stephanie’s footsteps, and the selfless volunteers who donate their time, energy and creativity, have succeeded in keeping the region beating with the same passionate heart Judy and Stephanie instilled in it; the heart that all writers and illustrators of children’s literature must have to persevere and grow – the heart they eventually give over to their reader.

When originally created, the region was called “Southern California” or “SOCA” and covered an impressive geographic area. Over the years, as SCBWI’s membership blossomed into its fantastic numbers of today, volunteers established additional chapters throughout the region. In August of 2000, “SOCA” officially changed its name to better represent its current geographic boundaries, Los Angeles County, California. In 2002, it was renamed SCBWI-Los Angeles. Even though the chapter’s physical size slowly reduced with time, it is still one of SCBWI’s largest regions, home to over 1,300 members.

Our mailing address is:
SCBWI-Los Angeles
23371 Mulholland Drive #250
Woodland Hills, CA 91364

The Los Angeles Region hosts six events:

Writer’s Day

March: A one-day conference featuring speakers, intensives, writing contests and awards.

B-I-C Retreat

April (even years): A three-day, two-night retreat featuring your butt in a chair working on your craft.


June: Free, informal critiquing sessions for writers and illustrators, held after a picnic lunch.

Working Writer’s Retreat

Sept/Oct: A three-day, two-night retreat featuring editors, speakers, and intensive critiquing.

Illustrator’s Day

Oct (odd years): A one-day conference featuring speakers, juried art competition, contests, and portfolio reviews/display.

SCBWI-Los Angeles’ members host smaller events throughout the year called LitMingles. LitMingles are informal get-togethers, often held monthly, where general topics are chosen for group discussion. Complete information about area LitMingles can be accessed on the LitMingle section of the website.