Society of
Children's Book Writers
and Illustrators

Illustrator’s Day Portfolio Contest

About Illustrator’s Day


Each art director and agent will select up to six illustrators with whom to have a 30-minute one-on-one portfolio consultation

Each art director and agent will choose one semi-finalist to receive free tuition to ONE of the following events:
Writer’s Day
Illustrator’s Day (next Illustrator’s Day, following win)

Attendees will choose one illustrator to receive 50% tuition toward ONE of the following events:
Writer’s Day
Illustrator’s Day (next Illustrator’s Day, following win)

DATES: Portfolios are submitted and judged at Illustrator’s Day


1. You must be registered for Illustrator’s Day.
2. You must be present to win.
3. You must drop off your complete entry within 1 hour of doors opening for registration.

Entries not in compliance with the following rules WILL BE DISQUALIFIED and removed from the judging area. To ensure fairness for all, no questions will be answered.

1. Your entry may include (1) portfolio, (1) stack of promotional literature such as a card or bookmark, and (1) optional book dummy.
2. Your entry must fit on the tables provided within the allotted space. Your portfolio must be in the open position with 1 stack of promotional literature adjacent, and the optional book dummy attached to the portfolio.
3. No easels, stands, card-holders, props or framed artwork allowed.


1. Your name and contact info must be on your portfolio.
2. Must contain only your own artwork.
3. Must be a standard format (no novelty formats, such as boxes)
4. Must be within the following size limit:

– Width in open position: 32 inches max
– Maximum height: 12 inches
– Depth in closed position: 3 inches max

5. Images must be securely attached.
6. We suggest 10-15 images – copies or prints only. We will not be responsible for original art.

Promotional Item

1. One design only of one standard size postcard, business card or bookmark.
2. Stack of 50-100 for giveaway if desired, dropped off in a disposable plastic bag or bound by a rubber band.

Dummy (optional)

1. One only as an example of your ability to illustrate a children’s book.
2. May not be a partially or fully published book.
3. May or may not be your own writing. Please credit writer.
4. Must not be larger than your portfolio.
5. Must be attached to your portfolio. We suggest yarn, ribbon or string.