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About the Loney Mentorship


“I enjoy helping others and can often identify solutions and opportunities for them that they haven’t yet seen for themselves. A thoughtful and thorough critique can make all the difference when revising a manuscript. I would provide written critiques and Word doc Markups to prepare writers to work with professional editors. My mentorship would be limited to picture books only – my preferred genres are #ownvoices diversity, historical/biographical, and fiction, in that order. I would like to see three picture book projects.”

— Andrea J. Loney


Email communication at least twice a month, with in-person or Skype meetings at least once a month.


Submit the best draft of your best picture book manuscript, no more than 900 words for fiction or 1,500 words for nonfiction.

– Set a 1-inch margin on all sides
– Double-space
– Use Times New Roman, 12 point font


In the writing sample document, create a header with PAGE NUMBER AND SUBMISSION TITLE ONLY. Do not include your name or any other information on your document. Save the document as a PDF file named with YOUR SURNAME_TITLE. Example: Rowling_HarryPotter



In a separate document, provide written responses to the following questions. Create a header with PAGE NUMBER ONLY. Do not include your name or any other information on your document. Save your document as a PDF file named with YOUR SURNAME_ANSWERS. Example: Rowling_Answers

1. Why are you seeking a mentor?
2. What is your previous writing experience?
3. Are you currently in a critique group? Have you ever been in a critique group? How is/was that experience?
4. How many picture books have you started? How many have you completed?
5. What are your goals? What would you like to accomplish in the next three months? In the next six months? In the next year? In your writing career as a whole?
6. List five of your favorite picture books.
7. What are some sources of inspiration for you?
8. What is your dream project?



Send your submission in an email with the subject line MENTOR LONEY to:

In the body of your email include:
– Your current SCBWI member name
– Address
– Contact phone numbers
– Email
– Title of your manuscript
– Attach your (2) PDF files



Your complete entry must be emailed by 11:59pm (PST) on February 21, 2018. You will receive an auto-response stating that we have received your entry.