Society of
Children's Book Writers
and Illustrators


What a Schmooze is . . .

A Schmooze is a gathering of children’s writers and illustrators designed to share knowledge, great news, and companionship. Generally, they are free activities offered by the SCBWI-Los Angeles Region.

A Schmooze is a great place to meet local authors and illustrators – people like you who share your interests and goals. At a Schmooze, you’ll have the chance to network, make friends, and get connected.

Though occasionally guest speakers are featured at Schmoozes, they are usually meetings that are structured around roundtable discussions about various topics of interest to children’s writers and illustrators.

. . . and what a Schmooze isn’t!

A Schmooze is not a fix-it, nor is it a forum for critique, though critique groups can grow out of a Schmooze.