Los Angeles Region Volunteer Board Members

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Sally Jones Rogan
SCBWI Los Angeles Co-Regional Advisor

Sally Jones Rogan has served on the Los Angeles Region board as Registration Coordinator, Workshop Coordinator, Assistant Regional Advisor, and now Co-Regional Advisor. She was the recipient of the Sue Alexander Service and Encouragement Award in 2013. Sally currently has two novels with Alfred A. Knopf, one of which was listed in New York Public Library’s 100 Best Books for Reading and Sharing, and earned a nomination for the Arizona State Reader’s Award. After years of globetrotting, she settled in California and now shares her love of children’s literature with her students at an LAUSD Elementary School Library.

Nutschell Anne Windsor
SCBWI Los Angeles Co-Regional Advisor

Nutschell Anne Windsor first joined the SCBWI-L.A. Board as the Contest Coordinator, before transitioning into the role of Assistant Regional Advisor. Now she serves as the Co-Regional Advisor alongside Sally. Nutschell is the Founder and President of the Children’s Book Writers of Los Angeles, where she co-organizes and facilitates the annual CBW-LA Writing Day Marathon; as well as edits and publishes the resulting Story Sprouts anthologies and collaborative novels. Following a BA in Psychology, she became a High School English teacher. Currently, she works at the UCLA Extension Writers’ Program as the Creative Writing (Online) and Events Program Representative. She writes Middle Grade and YA fiction and also shares writing tips and techniques, and reports on various writing events on her blog, www.thewritingnut.com.

Kim Wildman
SCBWI Los Angeles Assistant Regional Advisor

Kim is excited and proud to serve as ARA of SCBWI-Los Angeles. She has always loved getting lost, wandering in words. Originally from South Jersey, she graduated from UCLA with an admiration of all things improvisational, from comedy to jazz to the quilts of Gee’s Bend. She practiced law for a short time as a deputy district attorney for LA County, which helped her grow up. But her love of fiction, especially YA, drew her back to the world of imagination. Teaching middle school English and drama now keeps her laughing, humble and aware of the courage it takes to be a teen. Since attending her first summer conference in 1995, her happy association with SCBWI and its talented, generous members inspires her.

Lisze Bechtold
Illustrator Coordinator

Lisze Bechtold is an animator, as well as an author & illustrator of picture books and early readers. Her published works include Edna’s Tale, Sally and the Purple Socks (a Children’s Choice and Imagination Library book), and the award-winning Buster the Very Shy Dog series. She has taught workshops, reviewed portfolios, and studied writing with such luminaries as Myra Cohn Livingston and Patricia Lee Gauch. A long time member and volunteer for the SCBWI, she co-coordinated several SCBWI Illustrator Days, sat on the L.A. Regional Board, and proposed a Working Illustrators Retreat which she co-coordinated as a tri-region event. She is the 2002 recipient of the Sue Alexander Service & Encouragement award. She holds an MFA in animation from Cal Arts and directed an independent film included in the National Film Registry. liszebechtold.com



R.S. Mellette
PAL Liaison

R. S. Mellette is the author of the Billy Bobble Makes a Magic Wand series. His background is in Theatre, Film and Television – with experience from independent to studio to the Big Five.

“I don’t know why every PAL member, especially the new ones, don’t fight to do this job. As the PAL rep, I get all of the inside information on School book fairs all over LA. So I am doubly blessed – I get to help other writers and authors, while also helping myself.”

Karol Ruth Silverstein

Karol Ruth Silverstein writes in a variety of genres, including picture books, middle-grade and young adult novels, screenplays, op-eds and endless to-do lists. She currently has two manuscripts out on submission. She lives in West Hollywood with her exceptionally fluffy cats, Ninja and Boo.

“Volunteering for SCBWI-L.A. helps me stay engaged in the kid-lit world and meet kindred spirits who share my belief in the importance of children’s books. It also has furthered my career and improved my craft in tangible and intangible ways. Case in point, landing my agent was a direct result of my volunteer work.”

Sarah Parker-Lee
Kite Tales Managing Co-Editor

Sarah Parker-Lee is managing co-editor of SCBWI-LA’s Kite Tales blog, writes and reviews books at the Last Bookstore’s Dwarf+Giant blog, and writes copy for non-profits fighting injustice all over the interwebs. She also edits other people’s novels & writerly endeavors. She’s finishing her own YA alternate history novel and a humor blog, “Dogs and Zombies: A Dog’s Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse.” Sarah lives in Los Angeles with her husband Ryan & their cat, Dr. Pharnsworth, C.A.T, Ph.d. In her free time, she is an avid reader, world traveler, indoor rock climber, superhero aficionado, space nerd, & robot art collector – that’s art depicting robots, not art made by robots – but that would be awesome too. Twitterings: @SarahSoNovel

“SCBWI-L.A. has meant so much to me as a writer and editor. Through conferences, LitMingles, and workshops, SCBWI has given me tools and experiences to make my writing better and valuable connections within the kid lit community. I’m part of an amazing critique group because of SCBWI! I jumped at the opportunity to edit the Kite Tales blog. Not only do I get to interview so many wonderful folks in kid lit, but I get to give back to the community that’s given so much to me.”

Marcelle Greene
Contest Coordinator

Marcella’s focus since a stroke six years ago has been less on fiction writing and more on recovery, but she still enjoys being around writers and submerging herself in stories. She made a living in creative marketing for many years after earning a master’s degree in fiction writing from USC. Marcelle is waiting to see where her interests in travel, blogging and inspiring children next steer her.

“Volunteering helps me to make the most of the organization by exposing me to all its events and resources, and creating more opportunities for me to interact with other members.”

Jessica Chrysler
Social Media Coordinator

Jessica Chrysler is an illustrator with a writer’s heart. She has several credits for illustrating picture books and comics, and is currently working on finishing an epic YA fantasy. She also enjoys teaching writing and storytelling to students in elementary through college. For more information please visit JessicaChrysler.com

Jill Tuckman

Jill studied Art and Literature at UC Santa Cruz and spent ten years at a multimedia company doing web design, web programming and 3D animation. She joined SCBWI in 2011 and completed UCLA Extension’s Certificate in Fiction Writing in 2014. Jill is a pre-published author and illustrator of picture books.

“My membership with SCBWI has helped me not only by granting access to information about children’s publishing, but also by helping me to improve both my writing and illustrations. I am glad to be a small part in helping the organization continue to do the same for others.”




Claudia Harrington

Co-RA for 11 years, 10 books recently published, with another 6 under contract.

“Being a midwife to so many great works is incredibly gratifying, as are the friendships. I got back much more than I ever gave, although that was never my intent. I’ve grown in craft and as a person.”